Guy Salens werkt internationaal en plaatste op LinkedIn  het volgende artikel, dat wij graag met u delen. Want: een zeer capabele en prima man!

With Electric Motorcycles News (EMN) I have been bringing information about electric motorcycles and scooters for almost 3 years now. It’s clear that people are looking for mobility solutions. I am convinced that light electric vehicles can be an answer to this. Unfortunately, the country where I live (Belgium) has just cancelled all subsidies and premiums for the purchase of electric vehicles. Just now that a large number of electrical solutions are expected in 2020.

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A while ago, I announced my services as an e-motorcycle consultant and I was approached by manufacturers looking for investors and extra exposure. I regularly receive questions from various sectors about how electric vehicles can be used in their own business. Suppliers and battery manufacturers constantly ask how they can get in to contact with electric motorcycle manufacturers etc.

With all this in mind, I have taken the next step and EV-Mobility Consulting (EV | MC) will be launched in January 2020.

What are the services from EV | MC ?

1. Electric Motorcycles News website

News about light electric vehicles will still be published. EMN’s social media community is still growing thanks to Instagram (20K followers). EMN has +/- 600 blogposts and counting. It is the ideal basis for (your) content.

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2. Consultancy

I share my expertise and knowledge to get E-manufacturers on the right track. As an outsider I can see the situation from a fresh perspective and I like to think out-of-the-box. EV | MC can guide you through with:

  • the search for investors and business partners
  • the search for dealers
  • product launches
  • advice (design, sales, retail)
  • city sharing projects
  • smart mobility solutions
  • set up new retail possibilities
  • last mile solutions
  • company cargo solutions

3. Brand communication strategy

As a senior marketeer and graphic designer I can create a total brand communication plan including the guidelines for a complete housestyle, graphic design for print, web, digital communication and social media for your brand, company or store.

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4. Public relations

For all your press releases, EV | MC is going to work together with a Belgian agency specialized in PR and content marketing. Together we translate your expertise and know-how into a clear and professional message tailored to your target audience.

5. Design & Engineering services

Guy Salens is the European business partner of Marutee Design & Engineering Services with offices in India and the US. If you are interested to create your own light electric vehicle (e-bike, scooter or motorcycle), let’s talk!

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6. E-Center at Automotive Campus in Helmond (The Netherlands)

E-center is a new promotion place at the Automotive Campus in Helmond (The Netherlands) in cooperation with Electric Motorbikes (Gert-Jan Rongen). Manufacturers and brands that are interested in the Benelux and/or the European market, can present their light electric vehicles ‘live’ to a large audience at the E-center.

7. New business

More and more people are creating new business with electric motorcycles. I think that light electric vehicles could have an important role to play in:

  • tourist residences
  • hotel accommodations
  • vacation rentals
  • indoor cross and motortrial parks
  • adventure parks
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8. Electric switch

My network of light electric vehicle manufacturers is booming. EV | MC can integrate electric scooters, e-bikes, cargo-e-bikes, e-trikes or other electric vehicles in:

  • industrial plants
  • logistic warehouses
  • delivery companies (last mile delivery)
  • sharing projects in cities (smart mobility)
  • traditional gas motorcycle dealers

Website launch in January 2020. Stay tuned …